Jill and Gary’s Wedding Film

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are so thankful for the wonderful couples that we have the honor of photographing and truly thankful to be able to tell their stories. Today, we are so excited to share Jill and Gary’s love story. Their interview was so real and genuine and you can hear their love for each other in their voices. They are two loving and thoughtful people and we are so glad they found each other.

Niklas and Maria’s Sweden Wedding

We had the pleasure of traveling to Sweden to photograph Niklas and Maria’s Swedish wedding. Everything about their wedding was a visual treat! Their service was held in the Stoby church that was built in the 1100s! Parked outside the church was a vintage white Jaguar that served as the perfect ride for Niklas and Maria to their reception site, which was held at an equally stunning castle outside of their village in Hässleholm. That alone would make any photographer giddy with joy but the highlight for us by far were their two adorable kids Clara and Emma. The two little sisters, in matching dresses, looked like they were straight out of a Disney movie with their mom and dad serving as the beautiful king and queen. It was a fairytale day if we do say so ourselves!

A big warm thank-you to Niklas, Maria and both sides of their family for making us feel so very very welcome in their homeland. We had an incredible time and can’t wait to go back again someday!

Tack så mycket or Thank you very much!

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