The Love Booth


A wedding photo booth is always a hit. After all who doesn’t like hamming it up for pictures they take of themselves? Check out the video to see first hand the hit the Love Booth can be.

Unlike a traditional photo booth, The Love Booth is set up like a photo studio and the photos are taken by your guests themselves with a hand-held remote. It is always a great way to get photos of your wedding guests — often photos you wouldn’t get otherwise. We set up the photo booth with a big studio light that is commonly used in fashion photography and a remote trigger so guests have full control over taking their own photo. With a simple click of a remote the guests are in charge of their own photos and their creativity never disappoints. The Love Booth is a social hit with friends pulling friends into their photos and more often than not the booth becomes a fun activity for the guests. Because of the remote, no one has to man the camera so we’re often delighted when we finally see the images and so will you.

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