One of our signature products is a ceremony time-lapse. It is a unique and visually interesting documentation of your ceremony with a remote camera that takes a picture every two seconds. Usually towering high above the ceremony we mount the remote camera so it’s able to capture the flow of your ceremony from the beginning to the end. The thousands of photos taken before, during and after your ceremony are then merged to make a flip-book like High-Def video of your ceremony. Past couples have raved that the stop motion film is one of the most memorable and visually stunning ways they have relived their ceremony. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be mesmerized when you watch your ceremony over and over again. See an example of the ceremony time-lapse.

Unlike a traditional photo booth, The Love Booth is set up like a photo studio and the photos are taken by your guests themselves with a hand-held remote. It is always a great way to get photos of your wedding guests — often photos you wouldn’t get otherwise. We set up the photo booth with a big studio light that is commonly used in fashion photography and a remote trigger so guests have full control over taking their own photo. With a simple click of a remote the guests are in charge of their own photos and their creativity never disappoints. The Love Booth is a social hit with friends pulling friends into their photos and more often than not the booth becomes a fun activity for the guests. Because of the remote, no one has to man the camera so we’re often delighted when we finally see the images and so will you. See an example The Love Booth.

Love Stories are at the heart of The Love Project and it taps into our talents as Emmy-winning documentary filmmakers. There is something to be said for hearing your wife get choked up as she is saying her vows and hearing your maid of honor give the most heartfelt toast. There is something about audio that brings you right back to your wedding day. These love stories are crafted using photos, audio from your wedding day and your love interview. See an example. It allows you to have one team documenting your wedding with both still photos and video. We will pour everything we have into making sure your day is documented beautfully and magestically. For this package we will bring on an additional videographer who will help with the steadi-cam and dolli to get the cinemtic shots that you see in Hollywood films. See an example of a Wedding Cinema.

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