Christina + Ryan Wedding Film

Christina and Ryan wrote their whole ceremony so hearing their vows is so special. We love interviewing couples about their love for each other and this film remind us why. To see photos from their wedding, click here.

Megan + Kyle Wedding Film

We loved hearing Megan and Kyle talk about their love and their hopes and dreams for their life together. We hope that they continue to make each other and everyone else in their lives as happy as they were on their wedding weekend.

Jill and Gary’s Wedding Film

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are so thankful for the wonderful couples that we have the honor of photographing and truly thankful to be able to tell their stories. Today, we are so excited to share Jill and Gary’s love story. Their interview was so real and genuine and you can hear their love for each other in their voices. They are two loving and thoughtful people and we are so glad they found each other.

Kristin + Tommy Wedding Film

When we interviewed Tommy and Kristin, we were reminded how much we love what we do. It allows us to document something so real and authentic. We are there to not only to document love but also to tell the story of love. We often tell couples to come to the interview with tissues because most couples end up shedding a few tears in the process. In Kristin and Tommy’s case, we didn’t even have to ask questions before the tears started flowing. We knew it was going to be a great interview – and it was. They were so honest and real and we loved getting to know them on a deeper level. We hope their love for each other inspires other couples to wait for their perfect match.

Click here to see their wedding photos.

Alycia + Mike’s Wedding Film

Here is the wedding film from Alycia and Mike’s beautiful fall wedding. The film tells their love story and the video shows how amazing their whole day was. I love when you hear Alycia’s dad speak about promising that she would find the perfect man…and she did. Here are some images from their wedding.

Emily + Jon Wedding Film

Often times when we edit a wedding film tears are brought to our eyes as we see and hear the words of our couples replayed over and over in the editing process. Emily and Jon’s film and interview was no different with the exception that it had us tearing up more than normal. To hear the two of them and the emotion in their voice and the tears roll down their face gets us everytime.

Alison + Ryan’s Ceremony Timelapse

Every time I produce a ceremony time-lapse I am always so amazed and mezmorized by a beach wedding. There is so much activity when it comes to the waves coming and going and the crowds of people that do the same. And on a day when the weather brought its own drama, its pretty awesome to see the clouds move in. We decided to move the camera throughout the day to give a different perspective on Alison and Ryan’s awesome day.

The Love Booth at Sarah + Ricky’s Wedding

The Love Booth is always a hit at weddings but Sarah and Ricky’s guests kicked it up a notch. They ended up taking more than 4,000 images!! I love editing wedding photos the next day but I have to be honest, I dove straight into the photo booth photos to see what gems would show up. And they didn’t disappoint. Its amazing what happens in front of the camera when people have the remote! The photo booth exemplifies the energy that all of Sarah and Ricky’s guests had at their wedding. This was definitely a fun film to edit and hopefully you will have a great time watching it.

Leslie + Lane :: Wedding Film

Every time I edit a wedding film I am reminded how powerful audio truly is. Hearing Leslie’s mom give her speech and say “we love you little girl” as she tears up gets me every time I hear it. Obviously we think photos are strong conveyers of emotion and meaning but when you hear the words of a loved one, it brings you back to that exact moment. In grad school one of our professors always said, “You remember 1/3 of what you read, 1/2 of what people tell you, but 100 percent of what you feel.” Our hope is that Leslie and Lane remember these precious moments for the rest of their lives. Here is their wedding film.

Amber + Justin :: The Photo Booth Film

Amber and Justin’s friends and family absolutely loved the Love Booth (our version of the Photo Booth). We set up the camera in the back of the Kitty Hawk pier house and it quickly became one of the highlights of their reception. Here is a stop motion video of the photos taken from the Love Booth that night!

To find out more about The Love Booth, click here.