A New York Times Royal Wedding in Minnesota

A couple of weeks ago we were commissioned by The New York Times to document a wedding in St Paul that we will never forget.

Dorothy and Charlie, both of whom are in their 80s, fell in love after losing their spouses. The two had met men when Charlie was crowned king of the Winter Festival. Dorothy had been queen when she was in her 20s. The two remained involved in the royal festivities for the last 50 years. When Charlie and Dorothy started talking about getting married, fellow kings and queens of the festival mentioned getting married at the festival itself. And so it was. A beautiful winter wedding for a king and queen.

The wedding took place in front of hundreds of festival goers and members of both the royal family and Vulcans in front of Landmark Center during the St. Paul Winter Carnival. It was exciting to be a part of the Winter Carnival and experience a wedding of a lifetime with such wonderful people.

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